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Hi there, I am a graphic designer and photographer who brings curiosity, energy and enthusiasm to all my projects.

With over fifteen years experience in the world of visual communication, both in New Zealand and New York, I have gained a reputation for being a very thoughtful, respectful and creative designer.


Graphic Design

For me graphic design is the perfect balance of creativity, logic and human communication. I work in the areas of branding, marketing, print and web. Do you have a business that needs naming, branding, packaging, a website and printed marketing material? I can help you with that! Have a look around my design projects here.


I shall never tire of the magic of photography – the ability to capture moments and the moments between moments, turning what is now in the past into an image that can be seen now and into the future. Have a look around my photography projects here and browse my prints for sale in my online shop.

Latest Project: Simply Being

Early 2015, my husband Terence, Adie (beloved dog), and myself moved our lives away from Wellington city to live as the sole permanent residents on a remote and wild, boat-access-only, off-the-grid peninsula on the west coast of New Zealand's North Island.

Online shop Have a look around 

Photographic prints for sale. I am excited to be at a stage of my Simply Being project where I am able to share some images of the magical and spacious nature that surrounded us. 

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